Project 1, Pt.3: Light Alarm

The purpose of this final segment to Project 1 was to design a solution that would trigger a buzzer upon the activation of an LED. Additionally, the program was designed to test the code in order to check if it was working.

This is a screenshot of the code for the final part of the Project 1 Submission.

Not only does this code make use of the variables to allow for easy management and modifications. However, the solution also comprises of if statements (to control the logical factors in triggering the pin outputs) as well as use of the Serial Monitor (to allow for the output status of the buzzer to be monitored).

Whilst in the end, this part of the project didn’t end up working, the skills learnt through the development of this were still useful in allowing us to develop our skill set with regards to understanding the Arduino platform.

Download the code for this post here.

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